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After our June 11 show at the Bovine, Fire Hydrant is again on hiatus.

Show History
Date Venue Bands
June 11, 2011 Bovine Sex Club The Atomic Ravens
Fine Motor Control
May 9, 2009 Cameron House Pick a Piper
Henrietta Lacks
April 7, 2009 Horseshoe Tavern Dream Awake
Beautiful Nothing
Bombing Neverland
February 1, 2009 Wavelength @ Sneaky Dee's Mein
The Unsettlers
January 16, 2009 Sky Dragon Centre (Hamilton) Tenth of May
You Me and The Machine
December 7, 2008 Rock-a-Thon @ The Boat Tripping Hazard
Dirty Penny
Tenth of May
First Noise, Then Silence
Mackenzie King
Swing You Sinners
Hamilton Trading Company
The Black Fever
Corey Morden
Defending Otis
October 24, 2008 The Boat Epigram
October 4, 2008 Cameron House The Atomic Ravens
Douglas Adams
Reuben + Krazy Rob
August 16, 2008 Siesta Nouveau Curses!
The Hungry Ghost Festival
July 19, 2008 The Music Gallery Scrap Metal
July 2, 2008 Sneaky Dee's Devon Williams
March 27, 2008 The Boat Foxfire
Bass Lions
Reuben O'Dell-Barkow
February 13, 2008 The Boat Fine Motor Control
Rani Rhinestone
Ginger Marquee
Cherry Temple
January 12, 2008 Neutral Kensington Station
December 2, 2007 Rock-a-Thon @ The Boat The Postage Stamps
Daddy Ashes
Now Yr Taken
Love Kills
Fine Motor Control
Hamilton Trading Co.
Static Lab
Ontario Power Generation
Pixie Moonshine
Ian Strung
October 30, 2007 The Boat The Atomic Ravens
Rani Rhinestone
Mlle Nestle Chocolat
Ginger Marquee
Cherry Temple
July 21, 2007 Ciao Edie Undadogg
Leah Hawkins
June 23, 2007 Ciao Edie Coma's Bride
Heroes & Villains
Cold Dead Hands
Hamilton Trading Co.
June 5, 2007 The Underground (Hamilton) Uncut
In Bloom
May 26, 2007 The Central Riders of Revolution
April 21, 2007 Neutral Kensington Station
April 13, 2007 Sneaky Dee's Uncut
Fjord Rowboat
March 10, 2007 Hal's Ballroom Fine Motor Control
March 7, 2007 Trepid House (Waterloo) The City Streets
Burn Planetarium
February 18, 2007 Absinthe (Hamilton) The Postage Stamps
The Love Bolt
October 26, 2006 Supermarket The Postage Stamps
The Oscillators
October 20, 2006 Cameron House The Royal School Series
The Atomic Ravens
September 9, 2006 The Savannah Room Fine Motor Control
First Person Shooter
August 23, 2006 Smiling Buddha Hot Monogamy
The Rural Alberta Advantage
Douglas Adams
August 14, 2006 Lee's Palace The Johnsons
First Person Shooter
July 27, 2006 Sneaky Dee's First Person Shooter
Cold Dead Hands
Douglas Adams
July 8, 2006 The Ostrich House The Royal School Series
Now Yr Taken
Driven Yesterday
Trucks Leaving
Tripping Hazard
The Atomic Ravens
The World Next Door
June 23, 2006 Cameron House The Good Ideas
9AM Social
Thick Hawk
June 3, 2006 The Bagel Remainameless
The Jones
April 28, 2006 The Bagel Silent Seymour
Cold Dead Hands
The Avenue
April 27, 2006 2nd Floor What the Funk
March 16, 2006 The Bagel Tripping Hazard
Cold Dead Hands
February 11, 2006 Holy Joe's Tripping Hazard
Fine Motor Control
Douglas Adams
November 12, 2005 Lot 16 Pop Noir
October 28, 2005 The Bagel Born Ruffians
The Rural Alberta Advantage
October 15, 2005 O'Grady's The Ghost Is Dancing
The Rural Alberta Advantage
Thick Hawk
September 9, 2005 El Mocambo Late Great
Bound Ether
July 30, 2005 The Poor Alex Remainameless
Pinko Kronkite
68 Porno Mags
July 12, 2005 Sneaky Dee's Chaos For Comfort
The Jack Kerouac Knapsack Band
July 1, 2005 The Poor Alex Tripping Hazard
The Ol' 55's
June 15, 2005 Neutral Tele
May 26, 2005 The Poor Alex The Suburban Pop Project
The Happy Apples
April 22, 2005 The Poor Alex The Tyranny Affair
April 21, 2005 Rancho Relaxo What the Funk
Dan Gordon
March 17, 2005 Ein-stein Stuart MacDonald
Dan Gordon
February 19, 2005 The Poor Alex Winter Equinox
The Good Ideas
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